How to Make the User Experience Better when Creating a Website

An integral part of building a website should include the user experience. Much like the layout of a physical brick-and-mortar store, a customer’s interaction with your website directly relates to how they perceive your business and whether they will complete a transaction. Simple website navigation, interactive media and great content are all elements of a successful website; this article aims to help you understand the process that goes into each during the website development phase.

Element One: Website Layout

When an internet user lands on your website within seconds they will make their decision to either stay or leave. Within these few crucial seconds you must captivate them with a variety of means; one of the most important being an attractive but welcoming website design layout.

The layout of your website will vary depending on trends of other websites the fundamental elements include:

  • Logo in the upper-left corner
  • Clear navigation
  • Search box (optional)
  • Content front and center
  • Contact information
  • About me/us page

All other aspects of your website should be taken into consideration as it builds upon the customer experience. Your goal when developing a site is to create every aspect as one that is enjoyable but is built on a solid foundation of authority and trust. The website design should be simple on the eyes but intriguing enough to guide the eyes of your visitor to wherever you’d like them to take action.

Element Two: Color choice

Oddly enough, color choice for your website can play a major role in the overall user experience. People are often finicky with the moodiness colors create; a website with jarring colors will often put off a visitor and cause them to leave.

The simplest method to choosing colors is complimentary to another so they aren’t too ‘wild’ and come across as amateurish.

Element Three: Interactive media

The web has changed from a dominance of text based information toward audio and video. Other elements that create a better user experience include interactive media using each of these platforms. People want to poke around on websites, discover items and even interact with it by inputting their details in exchange for additional features or information.

When creating your website, include small features that let a user dig deeper into your website but be sure to make it simple enough to where they don’t become discourage or worse, feel like you’re distrustful.

Element Four: Website navigation

Despite all the push toward great looking websites; fundamentals of great web development always point back to great website navigation. Even if your website looks awful, if people can clearly navigate your site to find the information they are looking for; they’ll be happy with the overall experience.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t strive to mix great design with usability but never forget that people poke around on websites and rarely stay on a single page before wanting to discover more. Don’t discourage your visitors by having clunky navigation else they will feel their experience dwindling.

Element Five: Great content

Finally, great content is a given in order to enhance the user experience. The greatest website design, simplest navigation, color choice and interactivity will be nothing without giving away great information that users will enjoy and want to share with friends and family.

Strive to make each piece of additional content timeless; make it a reference point for years to come, where people want to link and talk about it.

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